Yogurt + Raspberry Overnight Oats


Happy Monday! Starting today, I’ll be sharing some easy, QUICK & budget-friendly meal-prep ideas, inspired by my experience as a teacher!

While I am no longer in the classroom, I can’t deny the stress that teaching can bring, and how strongly I feel about providing teachers with resources that will make their journey toward gaining or maintaining their health easier.

My goal when sharing these meals with you is that they will be quick, tasty, and nutritious! I’ll share macronutrients and calories (b/c I want you to understand while they’ll keep you feeling full/satiated more than other meals might!), and any other helpful tidbits :). I’d also love to answer any questions you have!

We’re starting pretty simple today, with a mash-up between overnight oats and a yogurt parfait . I used to love making overnight oats w/ yogurt, b/c I love that tangy taste + those beneficial probiotics.

These overnight oats made w/ yogurt are a great combo of tangy + sweet!

Ingredients here include oats, raspberries, (non-dairy) yogurt, collagen, and almond slices & hemp seeds. What I love about this combo is that you get that great hearty texture of oats, but we are balancing it w/ the freshness of the yogurt and berries, + the added protein from collagen, nuts + seeds. This is a great example of a balanced breakfast that will keep you feeling full and satiated for hours! No crashing, no hangry feeling an hour later.


Organic Rolled Oats — 1/3 Cup

Frozen Raspberries — 1/4 Cup

Collagen Hydrolysate Peptides — approx 2 T (should equal about 10 g protein)

Hemp Hearts — 1 Tb

Almond Slices — 1 Tb

Non dairy yogurt (I used So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut) — 3/4 Cup

Cinnamon — optional — sprinkle over top at the end!

Stevia — optional — a couple drops from a liquid dropper go a long way! You can also add honey or maple syrup, but keep in mind that this will change the macros 🙂


Simple! Mix all together + leave in fridge overnight! You could absolutely prep 5 of these on Sunday night, and be set for the week! Should take less than 15 minutes :).

*Tip — if you’re worried about mushy oats and that’s not your jam, just prep everything but the yogurt in the jars for the latter part of the week, and then add the night before!)


410 Calories

38g Carbs (12 fiber!), 20g Fat, 23g Protein

WHY is this important to me to include? NOT because I want you obsessing over calories or macros, but b/c I want you to understand that building a balanced meal is SO important for energy! Notice that we have plenty of fiber here (so you’ll feel full + good for digestion), + healthy fat and plenty of protein, which will keep you feeling satiated for hours!

So, what do you think?

Would you give this a try for breakfast? Send this to a teacher friend who might like this! The prep is SO quick, and the result is a yummy, balanced breakfast that’ll give you great energy in the morning!

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