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I’m Liz Morales, founder of  The Rebel in You Wellness Co

I’ve tried and followed just about all the rules and trends — for diet, gut-health, fitness, and overall wellness. The problem is, the rules, the trends, and even what works for our friends and family? Those methods don’t always work for us! We are individuals, and our wellness plans should be individualized.

That’s why it’s my mission to help you uncover the nutritious, active lifestyle that works for YOU!  We’ll work together to help you build fitness skills and nutrition habits that can last a lifetime. 

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I absolutely love working with Liz!  I have had some stomach issues in the past and she did a very thorough review of what I was eating and how I was feeling after every meal.  Over the course of a few weeks (and now months), we have added supplementation and she’s given me little suggestions on how to improve how I feel.  I’ve noticed a huge difference just tweaking a few things in my diet. Liz has also made some workouts for me in the past and they are both challenging and fun! She is extremely easy to talk to and relate with. I would recommend her to anyone!

— Michele H, CT

Liz has helped me so much with balancing my eating to make sure Im getting the proper nutrients.  Due to her recommendations I have been feeling much better with more energy. It also helps that she is a pleasure to speak with and one of the most non judgmental people I have ever had a conversation with! If you have an issues or questions about nutrition please contact her. All around great experience!

– Luann R, NY

I’ve worked out with Liz in small group settings, one-on-one, and through her remote workout plans. Liz is a phenomenal coach–she breaks down exercises into simple, easy-to-follow steps, offers lots of modifications based on fitness level, and is really knowledgeable about proper form. This is especially helpful to avoid injury, and Liz manages to give a great workout that is also mindful of joint strain/pain, which for me is critical. Her clear explanations in person and on video are really helpful.
Working out with Liz is intense but doable, and she’s a lot of fun with endless patience. I’m a big question-asker, and she always has thoughtful, nuanced answers. I am currently bicycling across the country, and I use some of my technique lessons from Liz to engage a wider set of muscles while I pedal. She always comes prepared, is really smart and great at seeing the big picture, and meets you where you are. Liz is the best!

— Jenny R, DC

I’ve worked out with Liz at her small group fitness meetups. She’s very organized and comes up with creative circuit workouts that she can customize to your fitness level. I’ve learned some cool new moves from Liz to keep my routine fresh and have been sore the next day (the resistance bands are no joke!).  If you’re looking for a coach that will listen to your needs and will empower you with a nonjudgmental attitude, I definitely recommend Liz!

— BG, Philadelphia PA

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